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Authority Magazine Interview: 5 Things you Should Do to Become a Thought Leader in your Industry


The Authority Magazine Interview features a series of questions about how I became an authority on the topic of thought leadership, how I started my career, how I would define a thought leader, and the benefits of becoming one. It also provides some examples of how being a thought leader can help a business grow and five strategies an individual should employ to become known as a thought leader in their industry.

The strategies I suggest are writing a book or series of books, creating a series of informational and promotional videos, using the social media to build an audience for our ideas, creating a regular series of articles or blogs, and turning your book into an online course or webinar.

The video also provides an example of someone who I think has done a great job as a thought leader: Malcolm Gladwell, suggests what a thought leader should do to avoid burnout, and what I would do to inspire a movement to bring the most amount of good to most people.

Finally, the video offers my favorite life lesson quote, which is Nike’s “Just Do It,” slogan and the one person in the world I would like to meet with for lunch or breakfast.

My choice was Joe Biden, because he brings a spirit of care, compassion, empathy, and a desire to help others to the White House, along with skilled people to play various roles in the administration.



Our Virtual Booth at AFM 2020 Santa Monica


This video features our virtual booth at the 2020 AFM held November 9-13 in Santa Monica, California. We showcased 18 films, and this video features each of our films. To read the details, you can stop the video or request a PDF with this information.

Changemakers Productions, which produces feature films, documentaries, and TV/film series is a division of Changemakers Publishing features books on self-help, memoirs, self-publishing, social issues, criminal justice. It helps clients with self-publishing and ghostwriting their books.

The company has published over 150 books, 50 with traditional publishers, 100 independently published.



What Happened to the American Dream?  Songs About the Struggle to Keep the Dream Alive in Times of Division & COVID-19

What Happened to the American Dream? Songs About the Struggle to Keep the Dream Alive in Times of Division & COVID-19


What Happened to the American Dream? features a series of songs about what has been going wrong in American society at a time of great social division, inequality, protests, and COVID-19. These songs also suggest a need to come together to fix the mess we are in today.

The first group of songs deal with our everyday social conditions; the second group adds the pandemic, a health, social, and economic crisis that has descended on American life with a curtain of doom and gloom.

All of these songs have been recorded and include the YouTube link to each song, so you can listen to the recording, and even sing along with the lyrics. The book includes the cover image for each song.My hope is that these songs will contribute to increased awareness about these issues facing America today and inspire people to take action to seek to mend these problems.

The songs featured in this book are:

  • What Happened to the American Dream?
  • Democracy Is Dying
  • We’re All Right?
  • The Down Side of Town
  • A Shot in the Dark
  • I’ll Put Another Log on the Fire
  • Save the World
  • I Feel Lucky
  • Life Is So Crazy this Year
  • Covid-19 Blues
  • There Is a Plague
  • Mouse in a Maze

Available now from AMAZON BOOKS.  Click here



Songs about the Demise of Democracy by California Songwriter

Songs about the Demise of Democracy by California Songwriter


Democracy is under threat in America, and there is a need for a wake-up call. In this spirit, book writer and songwriter Gini Graham Scott has written a series of songs describing how democracy is dying and how we all need to act quickly to fix things. The songs have been recorded by the nationally known Crystal Image Band with singer John Covert, and they are represented by the Missing Link Music publishing company that handles licensing.

These songs with a call to action include: Democracy Is Dying, What Happened to the American Dream? , and Save the World These songs have been turned into a songbook: What Happened to the American Dream?

As part this wake-up call, Gini has written her latest book comparing life in modern American to medieval times: The New American Middle Ages. For example, the pandemic is like the Black Death that swept through Europe, the UK, and the Middle East in the 1300s, while the Black Lives Matters and other revolts against injustice and the establishment are like the peasant revolts in the 14th and 15th centuries.

But just as the medieval plague and revolts gave way to the Renaissance in the following century, Gini sees a similar new beginning in modern times if people wake up and act to save democracy and the American dream.

For more information, PDFs of books, and to set up interviews, please contact:


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For Workshops on Self-Publishing & Finding Publishers, Agents and Film Producers

Make More Money with Your Book Workshop

Gini boils down years of experience and multiple areas of expertise into a simple presentation with helpful goodies tailored to participants’ interests.

Very informative.

Joey Tomic

Physicians Assistant , San Ramon, California

Very informative and well presented. A real eye opener on monetizing your book.

I’m glad that I came.

Vicente Ortia

Very informative and well presented. A real eye opener on monetizing your book.

I’m glad that I came.

Monica Viglioglia

Author of Soulwork ,

Very helpful in providing resources and options for publishing a book and screenplay, and seeing how to self-publish as an option. Gini is a wealth of information based on her hands-on experience with publishing and educational background.

If you are interested in getting published, she’s the person to see.

Rena Grant

Concord, California

Very informative… I found it very helpful.

Yisehak Fikre-Sellassie

I liked this workshop.  I would recommend it to others, since it was very information with a good broad-based approach.

Very helpful hints.

Chris L’Orange

Orinda, California

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