Besides writing her own articles, blogs, and columns, Gini Graham Scott writes for clients on a wide range of topics — including business, work, relationships, psychology, self-help, lifestyles, social trends, crime, and marketing.


Dr. Scott also helps clients find publishers or get media exposure for their articles, blogs, or columns through Publishers Agents & Films and the PR and Networking Connection.  Commonly, articles are about 600-1000 words, blogs about 300-800 words.  They can be completed for you in a day or two.

Some examples of Dr. Scott’s articles through various publications and websites include the following, which you can see at her regular Huffington Post Blog or EzineArticles . She has published over 20 Huffington Post articles and 80 articles as a Diamond Level EzineArticles Author.


Her Huffington Post articles include the following:
  • Learning from Everyday Life
  • Appearances Can Be Deceiving
  • Protect Yourself Against Credit Card Fraud by Clients and Customers
  • Finding Out Who to Trust When You Do Business Together
  • Being Thankful For What You Don’t Have
  • The Benefit of Not Being Famous
  • Do Life’s Turning Points Make a Difference
  • Consumer Problems and Scams
  • Watch Out for Third Party Auto Repair Scams
  • Avoiding Auto Repair Scams
  • Don’t Get Scammed by Phony Job Offers
  • It Should Be a Crime But Isn’t
  • Social Trends:
  • The New Middle Ages
  • The Taxes Nightmare for Home-sellers Few Understand
  • Tech Breakthrough or Privacy Nightmare?
  • Mind Control Is Becoming Reality
  • Seeing by Your Tongue
  • Bring ‘Em Back Alive: De-Extincting the Extinct Writing
  • How to Get Paid for Your Work When Companies Don’t Pay You
  • The Latest Internet Scam for Writers
  • The Assault on Writers by Internet Pirates
  • The Assault on Writers from Automated Software


Her Ezine Articles include the following:





Social Trends:

Writing and Promoting E-Books:

Getting Your Book Published

Doing Your Own PR   


Her articles have also appeared in numerous print and online publications, including the Baltimore Sun, Oakland Tribune and ANG Newspapers, the L.A. Downtown,, and many others.

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