The programs are for participants who are writing or producing a short film or seeking funds or distribution for a feature film or documentary.


sell-your-book-script-or-columnPrograms range from 20 minute keynotes and 1-2 hour seminars to half-day to full-day workshops. Dr. Scott is also available as a panelist at meetings, conferences, and conventions.


Popular topics include:

• Writing a good script
• Doing scene breakdowns for production
• Creating a budget and business plan
• Finding, auditioning, and casting actors
• Finding a producer or agent511L9K84mlL._SY346_
• Protecting yourself from someone taking your material
• Attending industry events to make connections with producers, agents, distributors, or others in the film industry
• Finding investors or contributors
• Creating a crowdfunding campaign
• Finding a distributor
• Making a trailer or sizzle reel to pitch your film to investors, dist
ributors, producers, agents, or contributors to crowdfunding campaigns


finding fundsDr. Scott’s expertise comes from writing and producing over 60 short films, which include dramas, documentaries, music videos, commercials, trailers, and sizzle reels. She wrote and executive produced the feature film Suicide Party #SaveDave and obtained a distributor – Fenix Pictures – handling national and international distribution.

She has published five books on writing scripts, producing films, finding funds, and distributing films: Sell Your Book, Script or Column; Writing, Producing, and Directing a Low-Budget Short Film; Finding Funds for Your Film or TV Project; The Complete Guide to Distributing an Indie Film; and Marketing Films to Millennials and Baby Boomers.

She also works with  Publishers, Agents & Films, which helps clients find producers, agents, directors, distributors, complete guide to distributing an indie filmcasting agents, and others in the film industry.








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