These programs are for participants who are promoting their book, business, or themselves.


Popular topics include:

sell-your-book-script-or-column• Positioning your book, business, or yourself and deciding what to feature
• Making your book, business, or yourself newsworthy or tying what you are doing to the news
• Deciding what media to target and how to best reach this media.
• Choosing and working with a PR professional
• Creating a social media campaign using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media
• Creating a promotional video
• Organizing events to get customers, clients, or publicity
• Writing and sending a query letter or press release to the media

How to find publishers and agents


Some of the information in these programs is drawn from Dr. Scott’s books:
  • Sell Your Book, Script or Column
  • How to Find Publishers and Agents and Get Published
  • How to Get Published and Deal with Co-Writing, Copyrights, and Contracts
  • The Complete Guide to Doing Your Own PR
  • The Complete Guide to Using LinkedIn to Promote Your Business or Yourself


how to get publishedPrograms range from 20 minute keynotes and 1-2 hour seminars to half-day to full-day workshops.

Dr. Scott is also available as a panelist at meetings, conferences, and conventions.