Programs can be adapted to participants from different types of businesses and targeted to managers, company owners, or employees.


Programs range from 20 minute keynotes and 1-2 hour seminars to half-day and full-day workshops.  Dr. Scott is also available as a panelist at meetings, conferences, and conventions.


Popular topics include:

• How to become more creative
• How to set goals and create the steps to get what you want
• How to come up with ideas for a new book or product
• How to make successful changes in your business or your life


Some of the information in these programs is drawn from Dr. Scott’s books:

Want It, See It, Get It! Visualize Your Way to Success
Mind Power: Picture Your Way to Success in Your Work and Personal Life
The Empowered Mind: How to Harness the Creative Force within You
The Creative Traveler: New Ways to Enjoy Your Travels Wherever You Go
Get That Innovative Edge: How to Use Your Inner Creativity to Create More Success in Your Life