Following are articles by Gini Graham Scott on various topics, downloadable in Word format.  Most articles are featured at Ezines,where she is an Expert Author and on her blog at .



     The Appeal of Investing in Films

     Setting Up a Successful Home-Based Business

     Bartering Instead of Going Bust



     How to Have a Happier Workday

     Volunteering to Develop New Skills and Find a New Job

     How to Find a Job When You Already Have One

     Networking For the Newly Unemployed

     How to Thrive in Today’s Tough Times

     How to Find Or Create More Work in Today’s Tough Times




     Adding More Celebration to Your Life

     How to Fix Communication Breakdowns

     You Can Be Happy, Even in Difficult Times



Social Trends:

     Death is Forever – Online

     Becoming Your Own Celebrity

     Here’s Looking at You – Ads That Look Back

     Ads to Go Everywhere

     A Tweet on the Road

     What is the Very Next New Thing?

     The Search For the Very Next New Thing

      ‘Tis the Season of Betrayal

      Living on the Edge Today




     What If You Could Live Forever?

     Coming to a Theater Near You – Movies Made by Chimps

     The Implications of the Pig-Human Connection

     How Cats That Can Sense Death Might Change Our Lives


Writing and Promoting E-Books:

     How to Publish and Distribute Your E-Book

     How to Write Your E-Book

     Setting Up and Pricing Your E-Book

     Creating an E-Book in Different Formats

     Creating an E-Book to Promote Your Product, Service, Or Yourself



Getting Your Book Published:

     Should You Get an Agent to Pitch Your Book

     How to Select a Literary Agent

     How to Write a Good query to Get an Agent or Publisher



Doing Your Own PR:

     Launching Your PR Campaign

     Contacting the Press

     Creating a Press Release

     Creating a Powerful LinkedIn Profile

     The Power of Using Groups

     Using Search to Get Information



     How the Credit Card Companies Are Taking Your Credit Away

     Don’t Let the Banks Take Your Money Away

     Why Modifying Your Mortgage Can Be Bad for You