To find a mainstream publisher or agent, you need to prepare the following materials:


Non-Fiction (a proposal, which includes 1 or 2 chapters)
Fiction (a synopsis, plus a completed manuscript)
Picture Book (a complete manuscript)
Chapter Book or YA Novel (a synopsis, plus the completed manuscript)

Even if you have a complete non-fiction book, you still need a proposal which includes a brief summary of the book, chapter by chapter outline, and sections on the author, market and competition, past PR, and how you can promote and support the book. If you need help writing your proposal or sample chapters, Gini Graham Scott can consult with you or write your proposal in a few days.

If you haven’t yet written your book, she can help you write one or two chapters, as well as prepare the proposal.

If you have self-published a book, unless it has high sales, it is better to change the name and treat this as a non-published book or indicate that what you self-published was only a part of the book and in limited distribution. Then, pitch the new book.

We can help you find a mainstream publisher or agent, too, by sending a query under your own email to several hundred editors or agents. The letter is personalized to them and targeted to contacts interested in your type of book, using our special software for sending out personalized queries from a selected email address.

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