Having a video or video series can help you gain interest, whether you are promoting a book, company, product or service.


The video personalizes whatever you are promoting, adds to your credibility, and helps you build a social media following.


Some examples of promotional videos include:
  • Book trailers
  • Script and film trailers and sizzle reels
  • Promotional videos for your company, product, or service
  • Speaker videos to promote you as a speaker

Typically, videos should be 1-2 minutes for sizzle reels; 2-3 minutes for trailers. You can put them on your website, YouTube, and various social media sites. You can include a link to the video on any queries, press releases, or social media posts.

For the best impact, invest in a professionally created video, using photos or edited video footage.


We can help you create your video in several ways:
  • Prepare a script for you
  • Create a video from photos
  • Create a documentary or narrative video, featuring you and your associates

Figure on about $200-300 for a script; $300 for a photo video, and $3000-5000 for a documentary or narrative video, with the cost depending on the length, number of locations, size of the cast and crew, and other factors.

You can see examples of promotional videos, documentaries and trailers on our YouTube channel at and on our website at