In promoting a product or service, ideally tie your product or service to a news event.  If this is a breakthrough or unique product or service promote it as a news story.

Without a news angle, editors tend to think you should advertise your product or service.


complete guide to doing your own PRSome of the strategies include the following:
  •  Call your the media yourself or use a professional PR person to call for you.
  • Send a query letter or press release about how your product or service is newsworthy or ties in with something in the news.
  • Target the editors who might be interested in your product or service, based on the topics they cover. Unless this is a topic in the news, target editors who cover your field and general business editor
  • Put on a special event launching your product or service and invite the media to attend. Tying your event to a charity can help you gain press interest.
  • Promote yourself as an expert who can comment on a newsworthy topic because of the types of products or services offered by your company.

Using LinkedIn to promote your business or yourself


Ideally, create a 1-3 minute video about your products and services which you can put on your website or YouTube, and include a link to that video in your query or press release.
Send out a query letter or press release to thousands of contacts in the media or work with a publicist who can do a more personal targeted campaign to selected media.
For more details, see the books: The Complete Guide to Doing Your Own PR or The Complete Guide to Using LinkedIn to Promote Your Business or Yourself or set up a consultation on creating your campaign.

To send your query letter to thousands of media contacts, use one of our affiliate companies, Publishers, Agents, and Films or the PR and Networking Connection.

If you want a PR person to handle the initial contact or follow-up, we work with a few PR pros in L.A. and can refer you.