In promoting your company or organization, a good approach is to tie what you are doing to something in the news or arrange an event with a charity.

Then, seek to get the following:

complete guide to doing your own PR

  • an interview with yourself or others in your company or organization
  • the press to cover your event.


Some strategies include the following:
  • Call the local media yourself or with the help of a professional PR person.
  • Send a query letter or press release about what your company or organization is doing that is newsworthy or ties in with something in the news.
  • ┬áTarget the editors interested in your field based on the beats they cover. Unless this is a topic in the news, target editors who cover your field, general business, and possibly feature and lifestyle topics.
  • Invite the media to a special event you are organizing; tie in with one or more charities to help you gain press interest.


In pitching yourself as an expert based on what your company or organization does, consider the following:
  • Tie your company, organization, or yourself as an expert into something in the news.
  • Promote yourself as an expert who can comment on that topic because of what your company or organization does.

Using LinkedIn to promote your business or yourself

Ideally, create a 1-3 minute video about your company or organization which you can put on your website or YouTube; include a link to the video in your query or press release.

Send a query letter or press release to thousands of contacts in the media or work with a publicist who can do a more personal targeted campaign to selected media.

For more details, see the books: The Complete Guide to Doing Your Own PR or The Complete Guide to Using LinkedIn to Promote Your Business or Yourself or set up a consultation on creating a campaign for yourself.

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If you want a PR person to make the initial contact or follow-up for you, we work with a PR pro in L.A. and can refer you.