To promote an article or blog, try to find publishers to run it with your bio and website link.  Or use an article or blog to promote your expertise, leading to interviews.


In sending your query letter or press release to editors at newspapers, magazines, or the Internet media, keep these principles in mind:


  • Target editors based on their beat or focus of their website or publication.
  • Offer your article for free, in return for a bio and links to your Website to get more responses.  Very few publications pay today, since there are so many free articles available and articles and blogs are readily copied.  If you want to get paid, figure on 10 to 20 cents a word for non-exclusive or first rights, though the editor may want first rights in a certain region until after the article runs.  You are more likely to get paid if the editor wants an ongoing relationship with you for a series of articles.
  • Some mainstream magazines pay up to .50 cents to $1 a word, but these publications are much more competitive, and they normally ask for a pitch letter describing the article you hope to write before they make an assignment to write it, and commonly you don’t get paid until acceptance or publication.
  • Unless you are pitching a proposed article, include a copy of your article or blog at the end of your query letter, not as an attachment or link, since many people won’t open attachments or links from people they don’t know. If you are pitching a column, indicate this is a sample article and offer to send more.


In pitching yourself as an expert based on your article, here are some guidelines to increase your chances of being quoted:


  • Tie your article and you as an expert to something in the news.
  • Promote yourself as an expert who can comment on that topic using your article or blog as a credential.
  • Send a query letter to thousands of media contacts or work with a publicist who can do a more personal targeted campaign to selected media.


For more details, see the books: The Complete Guide to Doing Your Own PR or The Complete Guide to Using LinkedIn to Promote Your Business or Yourself or set up a consultation on creating a campaign for your article or column.

image004To send your query letter to thousands of media contacts, use one of our affiliate company, Publishers, Agents, and Films  or the PR and Networking Connection.

If you want a PR person to make the initial contact or follow-up for you, we work with a few PR pros in L.A. and can refer you.