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Who is Gini Graham Scott?

Gini Scott is a nationally known writer,
consultant, speaker, and seminar/workshop leader, specializing in work and business relationships and professional and personal development. She is also the founder and
director of Changemakers Publishing.

Gini has published over 50 books, a dozen on relationships in business, on professional and
personal development, and on conflict resolution and creativity. She writes a regular column dealing with these topics and has been a guest on 100s of radio and TV talk shows, including Oprah, Good Morning America, CNN, and The O'Reilly Factor.


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"This book is designed for a beginning Party Planner and takes you from what the business is about, explaining how to pick goals, developing a sales pitch. It offers themes, ideas to make the show fun, ideas for food, ideas for up-selling. There's a little of everything in this book."
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Dear Friend,

What would be your dream income? How much do you want to earn? And would you like to have fun and meet new people doing it?

Depending on how much time and effort you want to put into this business, and whether you want to just put on parties yourself or create a team to put on parties, you can easily make from $500 to $5000 a month. The way it works is through a party plan.

What exactly is a party plan?

The party plan is a direct sales method of marketing products through exciting social events. The goal is for you to start your own business, make some money in a fun way with a very small investment.

Party plan selling offers unlimited income potential. You can easily start this business from your own home without the risk of losing your present income. And besides, where else can you make money by throwing a party?

But people are always surprised when I ask them how much money they want to make. Some answers are so unreasonably high that they are truly unachievable. Others just want to make a thousand dollars a month, and others are in between.

In the world of multi level marketing, considering how much money you want and need to make is very important. Why? Because it has to do with how much effort it will take to earn your income level and if it is possible to reach that level.

I have seen a lot of people put in very little effort for their business yet they still want to make $10,000 per month. I have also seen people who only want to earn $500 a month and the effort they put in is incredible. Therefore, your time and efforts put into the program will decide how much money you will earn. If you want to make some serious cash, your effort will be greater than if you just want $500 a month.

And with party plan, you can make it happen.

So, whether you choose to make party plan business as a full-time career or a part-time opportunity, your goals can be well within reach. From paying off debt and meeting household expenses to making dream purchases like a new apartment or college education, the first step in your action plan is as simple as getting started.


"This book is designed for a beginning Party Planner and takes you from what the business is about, explaining how to pick goals, developing a sales pitch. It discusses attitude, organizational skills, networking, advertising and creating brochures/flyers and when and how to utilize them. It talks about setting up a party with a hostess, working with her to create a great show, working at her show, and following up with her after the show, as well as following up with her guests. It offers themes, ideas to make the show fun, ideas for food, ideas for up-selling. There's a little of everything in this book."
— Bonnie Sayward (Amazon Reviewer)


How To Thrive In Today's Tough Times & How To Create A Fun Environment For Employees At Work

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But who am I to advise you?

My name is Gini Graham Scott.

I have written over 50 books on diverse subjects, specializing in business and work relationships, professional and personal development, creativity, conflict resolution, criminal justice, and popular culture.

Here are the most recent...





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I'm not saying this to brag... well, okay, maybe a little...

But the point is I know what I'm talking about. As a lawyer, sociologist, and business consultant, I talk with people struggling to make money from home..

So if you’ve ever wanted to throw a party so fabulous your guests enjoy every minute there and make money at the same time. . . then this is going to be the most important message you’ve ever read.

This is how YOU can throw fun, memorable parties and make money at the same time...





If you're thinking about starting a new part-time business and you like putting on parties, then the party plan selling business may be ideal for you.

You’ll find it takes many forms from simply setting up your own business featuring a line of products you want to sell to joining a company as a distributor.

Want to know more? This part will give you the inside scoop about how the party plan business works.

Here's a sneak peak at what you can discover inside...

Part 1: Join the Party
Chapter 1: What’s the Party Plan Business All About?

What's a Party Plan?
Some Basic Terms to Know
The $10 Billion Party Business
How Big?
Who’s Involved?
How and Where?
What Type of Products?
The Benefits of Party Plan Selling
How It All Began
From the Dawn of History
The Beginning of Direct Sales in America
The Beginning of Sales Parties and MLM
From Party Plans to MLM
The Ease of Getting Started
A Chance for a Ground Floor Opportunity
Recent Trends Today

Chapter 2: But Is It Multi-Level Marketing? What’s the Difference?

Where MLM, Direct Sales, and PPS Meet
Some Basic Terms to Know
Making Sense of Marketing Plans
Your Relationship with a Party Plan/MLM Company
Variations in Time, Place, and Title
The Many Varieties of Party Plan and MLM Companies
How and Why Multi-Level Marketing Works
The Multiplier Effect of MLM
The Power of Networking in MLM
How Much Can You Expect to Earn in MLM
How Your Income and Organization Grows in MLM
When MLM Goes Bad: Pyramid Schemes and Scams
Why an MLM Scheme Won’t Work
Knowing the Difference: Questions to Ask and Warning Signs
Comparing a Legitimate MLM and a Scam
The Ethics and the Law

Part 2: Picking Your Goals and Your Program
Chapter 3: Assessing Your Party Plan Abilities

The Keys to Being a Good Salesperson
Recognizing the Value of Selling
Some Basic Terms to Know
The Difference Between Selling and Sharing
The Principles of Successful Selling
Some Basic Terms to Know
Directing Your Message to Your Prospect's Wants and Needs
Recognizing Your Strengths and Weaknesses
Identifying Your Strengths
Overcoming or Compensating for Your Weaknesses
Are You in It for the Interest or the Income?
Determining Your Time and Money Goals
Keeping It Real and Realistic
Planning Your Party Plan Selling Plan!!!

Chapter 4: Choosing the Right Party Plan for You

Finding a Good Fit for You
How Jumping In Quickly Can Work Well
Taking Time to Weigh Your Options
The Danger of Taking the Plunge Too Soon
Considering the Big Five to Make Your Choice
Considering Your Own Needs, Wants, and Interests
Picking Your Product
Picking Your Company
Understanding Your Market
From Part-Time to Full-Time Commitment
Going It Alone
Joining the Team
Shooting for the Stars

Chapter 5: Choosing the Right Company

What You Need to Know About the Company
Assessing the Company’s Literature
Assessing the Company’s Marketing Plan
Keeping It Real
Some Basic Terms to Know
Visiting the Company for First-Hand Knowledge
Considering the People You’ll Be Working With
Scoping Out the Lay of the Land
Matching Your Party Plan Selling Style
Learning from Friends and Associates
Asking for References
Sorting Out Fact from Fiction
What the Company May Want to Know About You
Putting It All Together -- Deciding the Company for You






Before you get out there and sell, you need to understand who your target market is and how to best reach them. That way you will maximize interest in your product or service and thereby increase your sales.

Part of this process involves learning about your company, product, and marketing plan, and getting the product literature and support you need from others.

Ready, set, go -- this part will help you get there.

Here's a sneak peak at what you can discover inside...

Chapter 1: Deciding on the Right Target Market

It’s All about Market Segments
Deciding on the Right Customer Segment for You
Geographic Segmentation
Behavioral Segmentation
Matching Your Product and Customer
Individual Sources for Leads
Groups to Contact for Leads
Recognizing Customer’s Wants and Needs
Considering Social and Cultural Influences
Recognizing Different Personal Motivators
Thinking About the Benefits You Can Offer

Chapter 2: Developing Your Sales Pitch

Knowing All About Your Company and Product
Learning More about Your Company
Knowing Your Product
Knowing Your Marketing Plan
Getting the Product Literature You Need
Getting the Support You Need from Others
Going to Trainings
Getting Help from a Mentor
Learning the Ropes About Putting on Parties from Others
Going to Some Good Parties to Observe
Setting Up a System to Keep Track of It All

Chapter 3: It’s All About Attitude

Why You Need a Positive Success Attitude
The Basic Principles of Success
Napoleon Hill's Twelve Keys to Success
Other Important Success Principles
The Power of Persistence and Staying Positive
Don’t Let the Skeptics or Other Negative People Get to You
Keep Associating with Success-Oriented People
Ways to Stay Motivated and on Target
Using Reminders, Rewards, and Success Games as
Succeeding by Affirming Your Success
Some Great Ways to Use Affirmations
Dealing with Disappointments, Rejection, and Anxiety
Use the “As If” Approach
Take Action to Feel Positive Again
Remind Yourself about the Importance of Persistence
Work on Overcoming Any Resistances and Fears
Just Do It
Write It Down to Get Rid of It
Acknowledge Your Time Commitment to the Process

Chapter 4: Keeping It Organized

Handling the Paperwork
What Records to Keep
Setting Up a Book Keeping System
Keeping Your Party Plan and Other Income Separate
Documenting Your Income and Expenses
Categorizing Your Income and Expenses
Keeping Track of Your Inventory
Getting Special Software Programs
Setting Up a Party Plan Business in Your Home
Why Your Home Is a Great Place to Start
Setting Up a Product Storage and Display Area
Setting Up Your Office
Furnishing Your Office
Creating Your Letterhead
Setting Up Your Phone Service
Keeping the Records You Need on Your Computer
Keeping It Legal: What Your City and State Need from You
Getting a Fictitious Name or DBA Registration
Obtaining a Resale License
Obtaining a City Business License
Opening Up a Business Bank Account
Determining Your Start-Up Costs







More than anything, party plan selling is a people business. And not only are you recruiting hosts and putting on parties, but networking skills are extremely important. This chapter shows you how to become a great networker by connecting with other people and their networks to achieve success.

Do it right, and you'll have a snowball effect working for you. Do it wrong, and you could be snowed under if you don’t know when to back off. You’ll find plenty of tips on how to effectively work a network, such as creating a leads sheet and prioritizing who to contact first.

Here's a sneak peak at what you can discover inside...

Chapter 1: Tapping into Other People’s Networks

Recruiting Hostesses, Organizations, and Community Groups
Connecting with Clubs and Community Organizations
Adapting Your Approach to Different Groups
Selecting and Prioritizing the Groups to Contact
Using Your Work Network
Getting Friends, Family, and Neighbors Involved
Using Networking Events for Leads
Joining a Leads Club for More Connections
Knowing When to Back Off and Back Down
Creating a Prospect Leads Sheet to Help You Find Prospects
How to Set Up Your Leads Sheet
Prioritizing Your Prospects
Putting It All Together on Your Leads Sheet
Building Your Leads Sheet
Teaming Up with Others
The Advantages of Combining Forces
The Strategies for Joint Promotions
Hosting Parties for Each Other

Chapter 2: Planning Your Promotional Pitch

Spreading the Word
Creating the 30-Second Elevator Pitch
Practice to Create a Perfect Pitch
Adapting Your Pitch to the Occasion and Prospect
Coming Prepared with the Materials You Need
Using the Phone to Spread the Party Line
Planning Your Phone Pitch
Creating Phone Scripts to Spread the Message
Using Written Materials to Spread the Word
Using Written Materials for Follow-Up
Using Written Materials as a Door Opener

Chapter 3: Creating an Inexpensive Ad or PR Campaign

Creating Your Marketing and Promotional Mix
Why PR Is Better -- But You Still Need to Advertise
So Why Shouldn’t I Contact People Personally, Not Advertise
How and Where to Advertise
Choosing the Right Media
Who’s Reading or Listening and How Much
Decisions, Decisions.
Using an Advertising Leads Chart
Placing Your Order and Paying for Your Ads
Tracking Your Results
Writing and Formatting Your Ads
Some Basic Terms to Know
What to Say in Your Ads
How Often and When to Advertise
Checking on Company Guidelines
Getting PR in the Local Papers
Creating PR Releases
Setting Up Interviews with the Local Media
Contacting Feature Editors with Article Ideas
Writing Your Own Series of Articles or a Column
Using the Right Approach When People Respond

Chapter 4: Creating Brochures, Flyers, and Posters

When and Where to Use Brochures, Flyers, and Posters
Some Examples of How to Use These Materials
How and Where to Distribute Materials
Good Places to Hand Out Flyers and Brochures
Keeping Track of the Results
Spreading the Word in Your Neighborhood
Coming Prepared to Business and Social Groups
Using Festivals, Trade Shows, and Other Events
Creating Your Copy and Layout
Key Principles for Good Writing and Layout
Preparing Your Materials
Creating a Layout
Inexpensive Sources of Graphics
Putting It Together Quickly on Your Computer
Putting Your Message on a Website






Okay, now it’s party time -- time to put on a great party. The first step is to understand the basic keys that make a great party.

An important part of the process is deciding on the host, when and where it’s going to be, what type of place you want to use, coming up with themes and games to make it more fun, and deciding what kind of food to feature.

And finally, it’s show-time when you strut yourself, show off your product, and make your sales. So ready to party? This part is all about putting on the party.

Here's a sneak peak at what you can discover inside...

Chapter 1: Planning Your Party

What Customers Expect at a Party
The Keys for a Great Party
Explaining the Basics to Others
Making Sure You Have the Right Party Setting
Making Sure the Hostess or Host Is Prepared
Letting the Guests Know What to Expect
The Importance of a Good Presentation
The Power of Making It Fun
Appealing to the Senses and Emotions
Playing Up Benefits, Advantages, and Features
Setting the Stage for Sales
Designing Your Close for Sales Success
Preparing the Way to Follow-Up Later
Summing Up the Great Party Basics
Time for a Try Out
The Importance of Party Planning
Charts and Worksheets to Help You Plan

Chapter 2: Deciding on the Who, When, and Where

Who’s the Host?
Finding the Perfect Host
So Is the Host’s Place Perfect, Too?
Putting Another Host in the Place
Telling the Hostess What to Expect
Making the Best Choice
When’s It Going to Be?
Where’s It Going to Be?
Having It at a Private Home
Using Your Own Home
Using the Host’s Home
Using the Home of a Friend, Relative, or Neighbor
Using the Home of a Sales, Work, or Business Associate
Using a Room at a Community Location
Creating a Workplace Party
Making It a Community Event

Chapter 3: Putting the Party Together

Creating Timelines and Checklists
Setting the Date for the Party
Putting Together Your Timeline
Creating a Checklist
Preparing Your Invitations: How, Who, and When
What to Tell Your Host or Hostess About Invitations
The How of It
Who Sends It
When and How to Send
Following-Up After the Invitations Go Out
Anticipating the Needs of Your Guests
Calculating Your Costs and Income
Getting RSVPs to Help You Plan
Adjusting for Last-Minute Add-ons and Drop-Outs

Chapter 4: Using Themes and Games to Make It More Fun

Deciding What Themes to Use
Using and Building on Company Ideas
Experimenting with New Ideas
Ways to Get Ideas for Themes
A Compendium of Great Theme Ideas
Have Happy Holiday Parties
Put a Seasonal Spin in Your Selling
Great Cooking, Food, and Beverage Parties
Great Group Get-Togethers
Still More Popular Themes for Parties
Using Introductions and Icebreakers to Get Started
Let’s Break the Ice
How Games Can Contribute to Your Sales Success
Relating the Activity to Your Presentation
Making Sure Everyone Wants to Play -- Or Don’t Play
Explaining the Game and Setting the Time for Play

Chapter 5: Food for Thought

The Value of Having Food and Beverages
Deciding What to Serve and How Much
From Potlucks to You Do It
Keeping It Simple
Getting the Guests to Contribute
Great Cooking, Food, and Beverage Parties
Keeping Your Food Costs in Line
Preparing for Diets, Allergies, and Personal Tastes
Clean-Up Time






So now you’ve put on the great party, and everyone has fun meeting and greeting one another, enjoying the refreshments, and having a chance to try out your great products.

Well, now it’s time to get down to business and turn having fun into making sales. That includes putting on a compelling presentation that gets guests excited, winding up with a strong close, and then taking orders.

The next few chapters deals with how to get everyone in the mood for buying what you have to sell.

Here's a sneak peak at what you can discover inside...

Chapter 1: Time to Sell, Sell, Sell

Preparing the Way for Show and Tell
Making Sure Everything Is Good to Go
Mixing and Mingling to Sell
Time for Show and Tell
Shifting the Focus of Interest
Being Prepared to Begin
Putting Your Products in the Spotlight
The Basics of Putting on a Good Presentation
What to Include in Your Presentation
Creating an Outline for What to Say
Using Demos to Excite, Delight, and Produce Sales
Making It Graphic and Dramatic
Keeping Your Audience Involved
The Importance of Planning and Practice
Emphasizing Benefits as You Demonstrate Features
Inviting Questions and Answering Objections

Chapter 2: Making the Sale

Wrapping It Up with a Strong Close
Keeping the Enthusiasm High
Explaining How to Order
Making Sure Everyone Knows the Prices
Recording Orders
Getting Payments
Giving Receipts and Records to Keep
Handling the Customer Who Isn’t Ready to Buy
Setting the Stage for Follow-Up

Chapter 3: Ending the Party

How and When to Say Your Goodbyes
Your Guests Are Going First
You’re Leaving First
Leaving Customers with Product and Contact Information
Setting the Stage for Customers to Sell Each Other
Thanking Your Host or Helpers
Thanking the Host or Hostess
Thanking Your Helpers
Scouting for Future Party Hosts
Getting Testimonials You Can Use
Connecting with Customers Who Might Want to Sell, Too!
What to Say in Announcing the Sales Opportunity
What to Say in Selectively Inviting People to Join the Business
Highlights for What to Do When the Party’s Over

Chapter 4: Evaluating the Event

Do It Now and Three Days Later
Doing It Now
Keeping It Intuitive and Informal
Doing a More Detailed and Logical Analysis
Doing This Initial Review with Others
Praising Yourself and Making Plans to Improve
Getting Feedback from Others
Doing Your Three Day Review
Learning Lessons for Next Time
Taping Your Talk
Thinking About How to Improve
Using Company Forms and Guidelines

Chapter 5: Following Up After the Event

Who to Thank and How
Thanking Your Hostess and Any Helpers
Thanking Your Customers
Staying in Touch and Getting Referrals
Making Follow-Up Calls
Responding When the Customer Calls You
What to Do When You Go Out of Town
Confirming Orders and Delivery Dates
Communicating Delays
Dealing with Repeated Delays
Managing Deliveries
When Your Company Is Making the Deliveries
When You’re Making the Deliveries
What to Do When There Are Problems with Orders
Using Deliveries to Sell and Recruit







After you’ve started putting on parties and selling successfully, you might start wondering where to go from here?

Do you want to grow? If so, you want to think about the best ways to expand your business. If you are in an MLM organization, you'll want to start building a downline, which includes recruiting distributors, training them, organizing sales meetings, and helping your sales team do well.

This part is designed to help you take that next big step as you grow your business from putting on occasional parties to doing party plan selling full-time or big time.

Here's a sneak peak at what you can discover inside...

Chapter 1: Creating a Sales Organization

Recruiting a Downline
Finding the Right Recruits
Helping Others Get Started
The Process of Building Your Organization
Training and Motivating Your People
Shifting from Putting on Parties to Leading Your Team
Helping Your New Distributor Learn the Ropes
Helping a Distributor New to Network Marketing or MLM
Using the Show and Tell Method for Training
Staying in Touch with Your Distributors
Organizing Your Own Sales Meetings
Inspirational and Motivational Meetings
Training Meetings
Sales and Planning and Strategy Meetings
Brainstorming Sessions
Social Activities and Events
Gaining Support from Your Sponsor
Rewarding Your Key Performers
Dealing with Deadwood, Dissension, and Difficult People

Chapter 2: Watching Your Business Grow

How Big Do You Want to Be?
Deciding What to Do to Increase Your Growth
Ways to Build Up a Sales Team
Organizing Cooperative Activities
Passing on Leads to Members of Your Sales Group
Communicating with Your Organization
Developing Fast-Start Manuals and Training Programs
Keeping Everyone in Your Organization Happy
Hiring Some Help
Considering the Competition
Balancing Your Business with Other Commitments
Knowing When to Say No to More Growth

Chapter 3: Making Changes in Your Party Plan

Changing Companies in Mid-Stream
When You’re Just Getting Started
What If You Have Inventory?
What to Do About Downlines
Taking Your Downline with You
Can You Represent More Than One Company?
When Two or More Party Plans Work Together
When Party Plan Programs Clash
Introduce New Programs Carefully in Your Downline
The Value of Keeping Lines of Sponsorship
When Too Much Is Too Much
Taking Time Off and Making a New Entrance
If You Have Your Own Party Plan Company
If You Want to Become a Distributor or Rep for a New Company
If You're Distributing or Repping for Another Company
Getting Back Your Old Downline Members
Can You Negotiate Improved Terms and Conditions?









Now that you’ve finished this book -- or most of it -- and maybe have even started to put on parties, what are the main points to remember?

What are the major steps to think about? And what if you run into difficulties or feel down? This chapter helps you put it all together. The first section is a kind of summary of the major points covered in this book, followed by top tips to remember.

I’ve also included some upbeat inspirational ideas that’ll help you press on when things seem tough. So get going on this chapter -- and then get going on putting your party plan into practice. If you’ve already started, keep on going.

And if you haven’t started yet, start now!

Here's a sneak peak at what you can discover inside...

Party Plan Highlights

Chapter Highlights
Putting It All Together
Join the Party
Picking Your Goals and Your Program
Setting Your Sales Cap for Success
Recruiting Prospects for Your Party
Putting On a Great Party
What to Do When the Party’s Over
Expanding Your Business
Top Tips to Remember
Top Inspirational Thoughts to Keep You Going
Summing Up

Resources and References

Networking Organizations
Management Services and Software Programs
Shipping Services
Consumer Information and Protection Organizations
Party Planning Books
Multi-Level and Network Marketing Books

Directory of Major Party Plan Companies

Personal Care Products (Cosmetics, Perfume, Body and Skin Care, Health, Diet, and Nutritional Supplements)
Fashion, Clothing, and Jewelry
Home Care Products (Home Accessories, Decor, Cookware, Tableware, Crystal, China, Candles, Garden Supplies)
Food and Beverages
Toys, Baby Products, Educational Materials
Photos, Cameras, Framing, Art Supplies
Phone and Internet Services
Business Services


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I’ve taken my most successful strategies – the very same ones I’ve used with my personal clients for years – and developed a way so you can put them to work for you.

With Gini’s Party Plan Series...

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