WARNING: The Labor Department reported that the jobless rate hit 8.1% after almost two million jobs have been lost in the past three months  — an all time high since December 1983. And according to economists at the Federal Reserve and UCLA, unemployment will most likely remain at these levels, if not move higher.

Meaning: you could get laid off any minute...

"Discover The Top-Secret Methods To Keep Your Job and Make Yourself Indispensable or Find A New Better-Paying Job That You've Always Wanted Even In Recession"

If you can follow an easy step-by-step system, you have what it takes to change your life and land any jobs you desire. See the results inside!

Who Is Gini Graham Scott?

Gini Scott is a nationally known writer, consultant, speaker, and seminar/workshop leader, specializing in work and business relationships and professional and personal development. She is also the founder and director of Changemakers Publishing.

Gini has published over 50 books, a dozen on relationships in business, on professional and personal development, and on conflict resolution and creativity. She writes a regular column dealing with these topics and has been a guest on 100s of radio and TV talk shows, including Oprah, Good Morning America, CNN, and The O'Reilly Factor.



Location: Santa Monica, CA

Dear Friend,

It's official. The US jobless rate jumped in February to 8.1%, according to Labor Department. The number of people out of work rose by 651,000 during the month. Both figures were bigger than expected.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress earlier in the week that economic indicators "show little sign of improvement" and suggest that "labour market conditions may have worsened further in recent weeks."

So many companies are downsizing right now, and people are getting laid off just because they want to save some money.

This is not good.

With unemployment numbers rising every day, there are thousands of people desperate for cash, looking for any job available, applying for the very same job you are. Sometimes it feels like you’d have a better chance playing the lottery, am I right?

Let me ask you a couple of questions…

  • Do you love your current day job and want to keep it?
  • Are you so concerned about getting fired or laid off?

Or perhaps…

  • Do you plan to quit the job and find a more satisfying job with a better paycheck?
  • Do you apply for job after job without even getting a reply?
  • Are you struggling to find that perfect home/work balance?

Whatever your answer is, you're certainly not alone.

You may be the hardest working employee, the most experienced one in the company, but if you don't know how to ‘market’ yourself effectively, you just won't get that new job or promotion. In fact, you could end up in the street, jobless.

It's frustrating and demoralizing, especially when you know you are the perfect person for the job. But there is nothing you can do.

Wait. Actually, there is.


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Now look at your resume. Which part of it are you most proud of? Your degree? What is your degree worth? Can you answer that question for your boss?

How about your career achievements? Are you proud of your own achievements? Do you secretly wish you had a few more startling achievements added in your resume to convince your potential employer?

My friend, the answer to getting your dream job is not to pretend to be someone better. It's not to lie on your resume or "acting" your way through an interview. It's not going to work.

The real solution is to make the most of who you already are - get the most out of your experience and credentials. How?

This is where my ebook kicks in...


The "17 Secrets" provide powerful guidelines for how to keep your job or find new work in today’s difficult times. It includes a discussion of how to reinvent yourself for the new economy, as well as techniques to relieve stress and enjoy yourself more on or off the job, so you keep up your spirits -- so necessary in these times of turmoil.

Techniques on improving your relationships with others are included, too, since these skills are invaluable for staying on the job or finding new work.

Here's a sneak peak at what you can discover inside...


  • Letting Go of the [.....]

  • Stopping the [.......] Messages

  • Visualizing What You Would Like to Do

  • Adapting to the [........]

  • How To Stick It Out When You [.....] Your Boss or Job

  • What to Do If You [........] Your Boss or Your Job


  • How To Find A Job When You Already Have One

  • Being [...........] Who You [.....]

  • Preserving Your [...........]

  • Staying on the Job

  • [...................] Your Way To A New Job

  • The Benefits of [.................]

  • Getting Started as a [..............]

  • How To Find [....................] For Yourself

  • Finding New Options in Today’s Economy

  • Key Questions to [................]

  • Using [...............] On The Job Hunt

  • Getting Started in Using the [.............] Process

  • Key Questions to Ask to Help Your Job Search

  • The Advantages of Using [...............] Techniques

  • Developing [................] For New Jobs


  • [...........] Instead of Going [.....]

  • Organizing a [..........] Service

  • Participating in a [.........] Service

  • Setting Up A Successful Home Based Business

  • Setting Up a Space in Your Home

  • Setting Place and Time Boundaries

  • Organizing Yourself to Be More Effective

  • Creating a [............] for Your Business

  • Using [.................] Materials


  • How To Fix [.........................]

  • Showing Interest or Explaining When You [............]

  • Avoiding [...........] Assumptions

  • Gaining [...............] Where Necessary

  • Listening to Others

  • Networking For The Newly Unemployed

  • Groups for the Unemployed

  • Finding and Participating in Groups for the Unemployed


  • Creating Your Own [..............]

  • Creating an Online Resume

  • Staying Focused on the Type of [..............]

  • Using [............] to Provide More Information

  • Keeping It Professional

  • Getting People to Your [............]

  • Using [...................] To Find Work

  • Building Connections

  • Going from Casual Conversations to Announcements Online

  • Special Services to [...........] Your Messages

  • Assessing the Results


  • You Can Be [..........] Even In Difficult Times

  • The Twelve Principles of [.............]

  • Applying the Principles in Your Work and Personal Life

  • How To Overcome Stress And Thrive In Today's Tough Times

  • Ways to Relax and Overcome Stress

  • The Value of [..................] and [.................]

  • Seek to Imagine and Get What You Want for the Future

  • Stay Upbeat and Positive

  • How To Have A [..................]

  • Ways to Relax and Feel More Positive and Upbeat

  • Ways to Create a More Positive Environment

  • How To [....................] For Your Co-Workers And Employees At Work

  • Adding Fun to Events and Meetings

  • Creating a More Fun Work Environment

  • Inviting Employee [..............]

I’ve taken my most successful strategies – the very same ones I’ve used with my personal clients for years – and developed a way so you can put them to work for you.

But who am I to advise you?

My name is Gini Graham Scott.

I have written over 50 books on diverse subjects, specializing in business and work relationships, professional and personal development, creativity, conflict resolution, criminal justice, and popular culture.

Here are the most recent...


You can find them at the Amazon or Barnes of Noble if you want to.

And I even have my own wikipedia page at...


I'm not saying this to brag... well, okay, maybe a little...

But the point is I know what hell looks like. As a lawyer, sociologist, and business consultant, I talk with people struggling with depression on a daily basis. I know how painful life with depression can be.

With massive layoffs these days, it is more crucial than ever to make sure your skills, habits and attitudes are constantly being improved. You see, your paycheck is directly tied to your ability to do your job.

Thanks to the global economic crisis, many people are struggling with job security. So if you think your job will still be around this time next year, think again.

You have to make yourself a valuable employee and the last one that would ever be laid off. You have to make yourself indispensable.

"Don't You Think It's About Time To Reward Yourself With A Healthier Life and Better Job?"

A couple of months ago Annie Carter gave her husband, a former travel manager, the harsh ultimatum: become a pizza delivery man or their family wouldn't make it.

The Monterey, California family of five was struggling with $55,000 of mounting medical debt from Annie Carter's unexpected case of severe aplastic anemia a year earlier. The family savings account had diminished to $200.

"It's embarrassing for my husband to take a job he is overqualified for, and I know that he feels ashamed at times," says Annie Carter, a 32-year-old mother with three children. "But this is what we have to do and we're going to make the best out of it."

She watched her husband, Matthew Carter, 34, load Domino's pizza boxes into their family car and deliver orders until near dawn for just $10 an hour.

Until last year, Matthew Carter had worked as a manager at a travel company, making $55,000 a year. He lost that job due to economic depression.

Matthew Carter says he noticed business at his travel company getting slow a year ago. Then the spike in gas prices last summer exacerbated the company's dire circumstances. A lot of penny-pinching families avoided his travel company altogether, he says.

Matthew Carter filed for unemployment compensation immediately after he lost his job. According to the Labor Department, over 4.6 million Americans were collecting unemployment benefits as of early January. When he applied for other jobs at some companies in Monterey, he was told he was either under-qualified or had too much experience.

After several weeks of searching, he took the only job left in the corner; a Domino's pizza delivery man. A job that would at least cover the family's expenses.

"I had to bury my pride and take whatever I could get," Matthew says. "I kept telling myself one of these days something better will come along." He spent a couple of months delivering pizzas at Domino's. He admits he fell into his own depression during that time.

The Carter family lives lean in their four-bedroom, two-bathroom house with its $1,000 a month mortgage. The couple is now teaching their children about budgeting and bargaining while relying on coupons and sales. They no longer eat out and no longer have cable TV.

Before long, Matthew came to me asking for my advice. So I told him everything he needed to know; the 17 secrets of survival.

One day, the family received good news, when a private security company hired Matthew to be a security manager. "My first thought was to tell my wife right away," he says. "I could hear the relief in her voice."

The Carters have also found some unexpected happiness. Annie Carter says her husband now spends more time at home. Not being able to leave the house for entertainment has brought the children closer together over books, games and conversation.

In the end, Matthew got a new job and his family is now happy that this work has also not only helped them financially, but also helped in maintaining the self respected and dignity within the society.

You see, searching for a new job is like going on a journey. It's a journey from where you are -- perhaps unemployed or disappointed with your current job -- to a new job that is enjoyable and rewarding.

If you've been finding this journey too long or difficult, you have to step back and ask yourself: Am I well-prepared for this journey?

Because preparation is the key.

How smooth and productive your job search will be, depends on how prepared you are. Never say you're "lucky" to keep your job. Never say you're "lucky" to get a new job. I've been hearing that from people lately and it bugs me off to no end.

You EARNED it.


There is no such thing as luck. Keeping your current job or getting a job you want has NOTHING to do with luck and everything to do with having a strategy… the right strategy... 17 Top Secrets™


"Now You Are Just 2 Minutes Away From Having The 17 Top Secrets™ At Your Fingertips!"

This guide could help you avoid all the costs and pains of severe stress level or any job problems that haunt you every day and night.

That said, the knowledge in this 17 Top Secrets™ guide is easily worth from $90 up to hundreds of dollars!

Of course, you don’t have to pay that much.

I truly believe that this guide should not be available only to those people who can afford to learn it. I also believe that everyone should have the same opportunity to learn it! That's why I have created this manual so that all can have a chance to apply the technique and take advantage of the benefits.

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But that's not all. I also want you to have complete confidence and peace of mind in changing your life and career. So here is my personal guarantee...


"You Can Try The 17 Top Secrets™ RISK-FREE For 30 Days!"

keep your job or find new work

I want you to give this 17 Top Secrets™ guide a fair try for 30 days. Read it, take action and practice according to the guide without risk.

No rush here, you have a whole month to put the methods up to the test according to your needs.

If for any reason at all, even after 30 Days of trying the methods in this ebook, you don't agree the incredible action guide has changed your life, gave you a better job, removed your stress and depression completely...

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I know there will be a few people who try to take advantage of my generous offer, but I believe you are a decent and honest person. Therefore, I'm willing to take away the risk from you.

"You have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

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keep your job or find new work

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To tell you the truth, I would rather not let this information get into the hands of anyone who is not serious about this topic, or is just looking for head knowledge.

On the other hand, if you are frustrated with your current job, and are looking for the nuts and bolts, no fluff truth and practical detailed instruction on making your life more satisfying, this manual will be worth many times the cost invested in its purchase.

You owe it to yourself to get this ebook right now.

Warmest regards,


Gini Graham Scott
President and Founder, Changemakers

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Note: This ebook will soon be published on AMAZON!





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