Changemakers Publishing and Writing can help you find a producer, production company, agent, or manager for your screenplay or film through Publishers, Agents & Films (


The company also helps filmmakers contact distributors, sales reps, directors, casting directors, and entertainment attorneys.
Publishers, Agents & Films can do the following for you:

• Send out a query letter from your e-mail to about 1600 film producers and production companies and about 800 film agents and managers.
• Send a query letter from your e-mail to over 1000 distributors and sales reps, 3000 directors, and several hundred casting directors and entertainment attorneys.
• Help you write a good query letter that is more likely to be received and read using proven guidelines.
• Write a query letter for you from your synopsis and information about you.


Under the leadership of Gini Graham Scott as Creative Director, Publishers, Agents & Films has assisted clients for over 11 years and has gotten testimonials from over 260 clients who have used these services. The company’s clients have come from all over the world and have included established filmmakers and composers who have successfully connected with major producers, studios, and distributors to participate in different types of projects.