Changemakers Publishing and Writing can help you find a wide range of film industry contacts and funding through its affiliate Publishers, Agents & Films. These contacts include the following:


• Film Producers and Production Companies
• Film Agents and Managers
• Film Distributors, Sales Reps, and Producers Reps
• Directors
• Casting Directors
• Entertainment Attorneys
• Location Managers
• Film Investors and Venture Capitalists

Publishers, Agents & Films will do the following for you:
• Send out a query letter from your e-mail to hundreds or thousands of targeted contacts.
• Help you write a good query letter that is more likely to be received and read using proven guidelines.
• Write a query letter for you from your synopsis and information about you.

Publishers, Agents & Films has been in business for over 11 years, has had over 1000 clients, and has gotten testimonials from over 260 clients.

For more information, visit Publishers, Agents & Films.