If you want to write, publish, or promote your book, Gini Graham Scott can consult with you on how to do it.


sell-your-book-script-or-columnHer expertise comes from publishing over 50 books, most with mainstream publishers, and she has self-published over 40 books, many reprints of print books.

She has worked as a ghostwriter and co-writer on books and proposals for over four dozen clients and has written four books on how to find publishers, agents, film producers, and distributors: Sell Your Book, Script,
or Column
, How to Find Publishers and Agents and Get Published; How to Get Published and Deal with Clients, Co-Writing, Copyrights, and Contracts; and The Complete Guide to Distributing an Indie Film.  She works with
a company that connects writers to publishers and agents and the film industry:
Publishers, Agents & Films (

Some questions that commonly come up in consultations are these.

• What should my book be about? Do I have enough material for a book? What should the focus or title be?
• What’s the best way to write my book or gather material for it?
• How should I work with a ghostwriter or co-writer? What are typical arrangements and costs?
• How do I find a publisher or agent? What arrangement should I make?
• How can I protect myself from someone taking my material?
• How do I develop a platform to help me find an agent or publisher?
• What kind of promotion should I do before and after the book is published?
• What should I include in my book proposal?
• How long does it take to find an agent or publisher? How long before the book is published?
• Should I self-publish my book? What format should I use?
• What are the steps to publishing a print-on-demand (POD) or e-book?

• How will self-publishing affect my finding a mainstream publisher or agent? Will it help or hinder me?

• If I self-publish, how do I market, promote, and sell my book?complete guide to distributing an indie film