If you are interested in promoting your book, your business, or yourself through the traditional or social media, Gini Graham Scott can consult with you on how to do it.


the-complete-guide-to-doing-your-own-prHer expertise comes from promoting several dozen of her own books, being a guest on hundreds of radio and TV shows, putting on promotional events, and building up over 20,000 contacts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Meetup.
She has written two books on PR: The Complete Guide to Doing Your Own PR and The Complete Guide to Using LinkedIn to Promote Your Business or Yourself.

Some of the questions and topics commonly discussed in consultations are these.

• What is the best way to promote my book, film, business, or myself?
• How should I position or brand myself? What should I feature?
• How can I tie what I am doing into the news or make it newsworthy?
Using LinkedIn to promote your business or selfWhat media should I target? Newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, the Internet, or a combination?
• How can best reach the selected media?
• What can I expect if I hire a PR professional?
• What can I expect if I send out a query letter or press release through a query or news release service?
• How can I set up a social media campaign to promote my book or business?
• What kind of events can I organize to get customers, clients, or publicity?
• What are the costs of different PR approaches?