Gini Graham Scott can consult on increasing your creativity in your work or business. She has worked with creativity for over 35 years in writing books and scripts and in developing ideas for new business projects as an entrepreneur.


She has written a half-dozen books on developing and using your creativity. These include:

want it, see it, get it Turn Your Dreams Into Reality
• Want It, See It, Get It! Visualize Your Way to Success
• Mind Power: Picture Your Way to Success in Your Work and Professional Life
• The Empowered Mind: How to Harness the Creative Force within You
• The Creative Traveler: New Ways to Enjoy Your Travel Wherever You Go
• The Innovative Edge


Some of the questions that commonly come up in consultations are these:

MindPowerBookCoverImageHow can I become more creative?
• How can I set goals and create the steps to getting what I want?
• How can I come up ideas for a new book or product?
• How can I better chose what to do next?
• What changes should I make in my business or my life?